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  • Cheapest Cars on Sale in the UK 2023

Cheapest Cars on Sale in the UK 2023

Discover the best new and used cars when you're on a budget

Whilst a new car is never a small purchase, it’s far from impossible to find factory-fresh models that are kind to your pocket, will last a long time, and provide a driving experience that suits your lifestyle. We’ve taken a look at what are the cheapest cars to buy in the UK, and we were pleased to see that many of them are available here at EMG.  

What models are the cheapest cars for sale in the UK? 


First up is a very familiar face - the MG3! As proud representatives of MG here at EMG, we’re always keen to reveal the MG3 to customers on a budget, as it manages to surpass expectations of what a cheaper new car can be. Ideal for both first-time or seasoned drivers, it's a fun and funky-looking hatchback with a touch-sensitive infotainment screen where Apple CarPlay comes as standard. 


Kia Picanto 

Another firm favourite here at EMG, the Kia Picanto often crops up on lists of cars that serve various essential purposes, so add to its list of benefits that it’s cheap to buy too! Also priced at under £14,000, the Picanto is a peppy city car with bags of personality - and a fair amount of space on board too! It’s a 5-door, so it can accommodate passengers when it needs to, making it a very cheap and versatile car indeed. 


Hyundai i10 

They may be small, but the newest versions of the Hyundai i10 sure are bold, with sporty styling and plenty of less conventional colours to choose from. These budget-friendly runarounds are ideal for zipping to the office, running errands around town, and tackling the school run. 

Used Hyundai i10 models can also be found at EMG.


Citroen C3

Citroen has long been able to combine efficiency and affordability with its unique style, and the new Citroen C3s ensure this reputation remains strong. They’re cheap to buy and cheap to run, with smaller engine sizes that keep you away from the fuel station as long as possible. 

While we don’t offer brand new C3s, we do have several used versions in stock, making them an even cheaper buy! 


Volkswagen Up! 

Coming in at around £15K, the Volkswagen Up is the cheapest new car that this prestigious German manufacturer offers. It’s marketed as a city car, but, when put through its paces, you’ll find it’s far more than that, offering spaciousness and fun in equal measure. 

We have used Ups in stock here at EMG - take a look


Fiat Panda 

Now a hybrid city car, the Fiat Panda has come a long way in recent years, upgrading its look to appear as dynamic as the traffic it shares the road with. Well connected with plenty of driver convenience tech on board, it’s now your 4-wheeled friend available from under £18,000. 

Keep an eye on our used cars for any Fiat Pandas we have in stock. 


Dacia Duster

Have you got a feel for this brand yet? Affordability is their thing! The Duster is a family SUV that doesn’t break the bank, making those on the search for their next brand new family car very happy indeed.

You can often find used Dacia Dusters at our East Anglia used car branches, so keep an eye on our website.