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  • Nissan offers users added peace of mind with its new app feature, Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Nissan offers users added peace of mind with its new app feature, Stolen Vehicle Tracking

  • Published: 14 March 2024

As part of its commitment to maximising user convenience and peace of mind, Nissan is introducing a Stolen Vehicle Tracking function to its customers through the NissanConnect Services app in the UK in February 2024.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) is a subscription service provided in collaboration with Vodafone Automotive, Nissan’s service provider. This service allows connected vehicles to be tracked and located using the vehicle’s GPS.

The service provider will collaborate with law-enforcement authorities to track the vehicle and coordinate its recovery. If requested by the authorities, ignition could be deactivated remotely by the Vodafone operator.


Stolen Vehicle Tracking is available on ARIYA, Qashqai (produced from June 2022), and X-Trail (produced since September 2022).

Customers can check if their vehicle is equipped with the Stolen Vehicle Tracking service by going to the “Nissan Store” section of the NissanConnect Services app. If their car is compatible, they will be able to activate the subscription at a cost of £99*, ensuring 12 months of enhanced security.

The Stolen Vehicle Tracking function offers users a range of advantages:

Added vehicle security: 24/7 support for additional peace of mind for Nissan owners.

Online activation: Effortless activation via the NissanConnect Services app.

Proactive guidance: Instant notifications if the vehicle is towed without the owner’s knowledge. They can then follow the steps in the app to recover the vehicle.

Cross-border support: Seamless interaction between all parties thanks to an extensive European network ensuring local language communication between call centre operators and police, as well as call centre operators and customers.

Direct law enforcement contact: Direct communication between Vodafone Automotive operator and law enforcement authorities within Europe to share tracking information and support the recovery of the customer’s vehicle.

Remote ignition deactivation: In some scenarios, law enforcement authorities may ask for the vehicle’s ignition to be deactivated to support recovery. Vodafone Automotive operators collaborate to keep the process as seamless as possible.

“The addition of Stolen Vehicle Tracking brings an additional level of peace of mind for our customers. They can use their cars fully and park it either at home, or in less familiar locations, confident that in the case that their Nissan is removed without their permission, they will be able to use their NissanConnect Services app to help the police identify its whereabouts and recover it,” said Guillaume Pelletreau, Vice President, Electrification and Connected Services, Nissan AMIEO region.

The expansion to the features on the NissanConnect Services app complements the existing features, which include remote control of the horn and lights – to help customers find their vehicle in a car park for example; remote door locking or unlocking; car locator for those situations when the owner is picking up the car parked by someone else; and, on electric vehicles, remote climate control, so the car can be pre-heated or cooled before the journey starts.

Other features include monitoring of vehicle health, driving history and analysis, speed alerts, curfew alerts and location alerts.


“With the addition of Stolen Vehicle Tracking to the suite of functions on the NissanConnect Services app, customers will enjoy added reassurance to the existing comfort and convenience offered by their Nissan vehicle via the app,” said Guillaume Pelletreau.

* Pricing is valid as of February 2024, Nissan reserves the right to update as they deem necessary. For more information refer to the NissanConnect Services app, Nissan Store section.