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  • Nissan and Ecobat Solutions to Use Old EV Batteries for New Applications in the UK

Nissan and Ecobat Solutions to Use Old EV Batteries for New Applications in the UK

  • Published: 30 May 2024

Nissan partners with Ecobat Solutions UK Ltd to bring used EV batteries back to life in the UK. The agreement involves locating, recovering, refurbishing, recycling, and repurposing used EV batteries from Nissan LEAFs that have been retired, sustaining a continued circular energy economy.

Leading in Electric Vehicle Batteries Recycling

Being the first manufacturer to launch an EV in 2011 with the LEAF means that Nissan has the longest record on EVs in the UK and is keen to lead the market in processing used EV batteries, an industry expected to proliferate. This strategic pilot agreement combines Nissan's battery expertise with the lead-acid battery recycling knowledge of Ecobat, pioneering the management of end-of-life EV batteries for second-life use.

Unique Offerings and Goals with Sustainability

In a first for the industry, second-life products will come to market with a manufacturer warranty, available directly from Nissan. This is part of Nissan's commitment to achieving operational and product lifecycle carbon neutrality by 2050.

Alan Low, EV Battery Circular Economy Manager of Nissan Energy Services, explained:

"We are working with Ecobat to involve salvage operators, manage transportation, and get them tested, repaired, and reused. These batteries are from end-of-life disassembled cars or cars written off by the insurance company but still have useful life. We need to create a sustainable way to recover them."

Nissan is committed to recovering batteries in good health from retired LEAF vehicles. Usable batteries are sent to Ecobat’s Darlaston base near Birmingham for deep testing to establish long-term safety and performance, identifying suitable second-life applications.

Expertise and Environmental Benefits

Tom Seward, Key Accounts Director (North & UK) at Ecobat Solutions UK Ltd, added:

"We provide specialist battery handling supporting highly trained engineers to work on high-voltage batteries following UK battery regulations. This aspect of EV sustainability helps the environment. We can even recover stored energy from salvaged batteries to power the EV charger network on our site."

Since the UK facility opened in 2021, the Diagnostic and Disassembly Centre has handled over 6,000 batteries and graded over 14,000 modules for performance. This year, the company will open its third Li-Ion recycling facility in Hull, UK, further expanding domestic battery processing capacity.


FAQ Section

What sort of relationship exists between Nissan and Ecobat Solutions?
Nissan partnered with Ecobat Solutions UK Ltd not only for repurposing, recycling, and refurbishing used EV batteries from retired Nissan Leafs but also for assisting in the sustainable and resource-efficient cycles of energy use.

Why is this applicable to the electric vehicle industry?
Their experience in EV batteries is linked with that of Ecobat in the recycling of lead-acid batteries. It is a partnership that means business and portends to take the lead in used EV battery processing. The growth will be very rapid. The agreement will be aimed at dealing with used-up EV batteries for second-life applications.

What is the product log of the second life, and does it have a warranty, and if it does, what type?
They are second-life products from old EV batteries, remanufactured for new use. These products are finding their way into the market for the first time, with the warranty provision underwriting the quality from Nissan.

How does, in a nutshell, this initiative support the achievement of environmental sustainability and related goals?
The program avoids waste by renewing and reusing used EV batteries, further allowing the company to achieve its commitment to operating and product life carbon neutrality by the year 2050. It further propagates resource efficiency, reducing environmental impacts instigated by battery disposal.

What does Ecobat Solutions bring to the partnership?
Ecobat Solutions is the market leader in battery handling and recycling. The company is also responsible for the transportation, testing, repair, and final return of the regenerated batteries into service. In this respect, the company's full-scale testing in Darlaston, U.K., investigates how long-term safety and performance development can be established to decide on the appropriate second-life application for the batteries.