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  • 10 Best Commuter Cars

10 Best Commuter Cars

Discover the best cars for commuting with our top 10 picks

Despite the shake-up in professional norms that the pandemic triggered, many of us still head to a place of work at least once a week, and a large proportion will use their cars in order to get there. Commuting can mean a 20-minute drive across town, or an hour’s trip (or more) each way, and the kind of commuting you’re doing will determine the car that suits you best. 

What should you look for in a car for short commutes? 

Fuel efficiency

If you’re regularly doing short, around-town journeys the traffic can be very stop-start, which burns through fuel quicker than you might imagine. If traditional fuel types are what you’re after, you’ll want to look at cars with smaller petrol engines to get the most from your money. 

However, plug-in hybrids have also earned a good reputation amongst commuters too, thanks to their ability to travel on battery-power alone for longer periods than a full hybrid, meaning your commute is emission-free!


Longer wheelbases can seem cumbersome and unnecessary on a short commute, while compact cars shine bright in urban areas. Make parking at the office a doddle with a small hatchback, or even a sporty two-seater. 

A fun drive 

Why not make the little time you spend commuting as fun as possible? Choose a nippy car that reacts quickly to really make the most of your short commute. 

What are the best cars for short commutes? 

Kia Rio 

Offering a little more space than the Picanto, the Rio is a decent-sized hatchback, with a small enough engine to pay off at the pumps. Many used models on the market are surprisingly affordable, ideal if you’re after a weekday commuter car. 

Ford Fiesta

Small family car at weekends, commuter car Monday-Friday; is there anything the Ford Fiesta can’t do? The Fiesta is a reliable runaround with plenty of space for your weekend pursuits too. It’s easy to park, reasonable to buy, and with a rearview camera on board in many models, it’s a breeze to park too! 

Kia Niro 

If you liked the sound of an emission-free commute, and the knock-on effect that would have on your fuel costs, we’d thoroughly recommend the Kia Niro, which is available as a plug-in hybrid. It boasts compact proportions, high performance and bold design, ready to turn heads on your commute.  

Renault Clio 

With its array of features, fuel efficiency, and stunning design, the Clio offers commuters the package at a competitive price point. It’s had a facelift in the last 10 years too, so it’s good looking as well as good value! 

Hyundai IONIQ

With a hybrid engine, the Ioniq naturally comes with an automatic gearbox - no more aching clutch foot on the way to and from work! It’s an economical car with the potential to transform into your family vehicle at the weekends. 

What should you look for in a car for long commutes? 


A long journey in a car with a small petrol engine may, over time, become a little frustrating, particularly if your commute covers stretches of motorway. This is why diesels have long been the commuter engine of choice, but you can get larger, more powerful petrol engines now too - you’re spoilt for choice! 


Hours spent in the car take its toll on our backs, so if you’re looking for a car to accompany you on your long commute, ideally it will need to have seats with adequate support. 


If you’re spending a long time in your car each day, you’ll at least want to be able to keep in touch with others if necessary, and ideally listen to your tunes or a podcast on the go. A good infotainment system with Bluetooth phone connectivity and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto can keep you connected on the move. Bonus points for wireless phone charging!

What are the best cars for long commutes? 


Available as a hatchback or a saloon, Mazda3 models are fitted with a 2.0-litre 120bhp petrol engine, which manages to be fuel efficient and perform well on those long journeys. 

Kia Sportage 

We can confidently say that the Sportage is a comfortable, solidly built all-rounder, and its versatility extends to the long commute. And let’s not forget that 7-year warranty - talk about peace of mind! 

Ford Focus

The Focus is to long commutes what the Fiesta is to short ones - perfect! Opt for a diesel engine to make light work of motorways, and enjoy the modern driver convenience that you’ll find in every model, such as Bluetooth connectivity and satellite navigation. 

Vauxhall Insignia 

The Insignia is a true saloon - unless you fancy an estate version, in which case, it can be that too! Cool, comfortable, and with all you need at the touch of a button, the Insignia could be your commuting companion for many years to come. 

Audi A3

Got a long way to go each day but still love a compact hatchback? Look no further than the Audi A3. It’s well-equipped and comfortable, ideal for those who prioritize performance, fuel efficiency, and interior features.

Find a car for your commute at EMG 

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