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  • £10,000 Giveaway

£10,000 Giveaway

  • Published: 18 July 2022



Throughout June 2022, here at EMG we decided to give away a staggering £10,000! The rules were simple, buy a used vehicle in June and you’ll be entered in to the draw for a chance to win our Jubilee jackpot!


By the end of the month, we had over 300 customers in with a chance to win! We decided to keep the draw simple but effective, with our Group Sales Director choosing our winner’s name from a bowl. (Video can still be seen on our social media channels).


The winner was Skye Gilmour who purchased a used Mazda2 from our Cambridge branch in early June!


I think it was pretty safe to say that Skye was very excited when Tony, the Sales Executive who sold her the vehicle, told her to check our social media and that she’d be very pleased! Confused, she went on over to our Facebook page and saw the video of the draw, hearing her name being chosen, she really couldn’t believe what she was being told, not the phone call you’d necessarily expect at 5pm on a Monday!


A few days after finding out and collecting the money, we spoke to Skye who’s currently an administrator for an estate agent, to find out a little more about her overall experience with EMG.


Skye expressed her thanks to Tony, our Sales Executive in Cambridge who sold her the Mazda2, saying she couldn’t have wished for better assistance when purchasing her new car. We’re so glad to hear that even prior to winning the £10,000 Skye found she had a great experience with us. She is also loving her new car which is fantastic!


We asked what she might be thinking of spending those precious pounds on, she has decided she’s actually going to be saving the money and put it towards buying her first property! We really do wish you the best of luck in finding your dream home Skye!




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