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  • Air Con Servicing at EMG

Air Con Servicing at EMG

What is air conditioning? 

Now an as-standard feature on many modern cars, air conditioning is a system designed to keep us cool by extracting heat and moisture from the air. If you’ve ever walked into a cool building on a hot day, you’ll know the relief that air conditioning can provide, so to have it available while we’re out and about feels like a luxury. 

As with any system though, it takes some know-how to use it correctly, and to recognise when something is wrong with it. Air conditioning systems need regular maintenance, as its job is important, so it’s a part of car care that we’re proud to undertake here at EMG

When should you use your air conditioning? 

If you thought you could only use your air conditioning when the weather is warm, we’re here to tell you that that’s not all it's good for. Here is when to effectively use your air conditioning: 

In the summer

It’s the most obvious use for what is predominantly a cooling system; even moving air from the car window can feel stuffy on a hot day, whereas popping on the air con can have your car feeling cool and fresh in just a few minutes. 

In the winter

Believe it or not, your air conditioning can very effectively demist your windows in the winter time. Because one of the functions of your air conditioning is removing moisture from the air, it acts as a dehumidifier, particularly on its warm setting. Not only this, but it helps keep your system in good condition by using it all year round. 

What is air con servicing? 

Just like other vital parts of your car, your air conditioning needs to be serviced in order for it to keep working correctly. A qualified technician should take a look at the system at least once every two years, checking for leaks that could be causing that lovely cool air to escape, and topping up or replacing the refrigerant gas, which is what helps that air to come through chilled in the first place. 

What’s the difference between air con servicing and air con regassing? 

These two terms are often used interchangeably, both referring to the same thing, which is routine maintenance on your car’s air conditioning system. However, an aircon service is a thorough check of the entire system, including hoses, fans, electrics and condensers, plus replacement of the refrigerant gas. With air conditioning regassing, it will simply be that the refrigerant gas gets replaced

Electric and hybrid vehicle air con servicing 

If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, your air con needs the same care and attention as it does within petrol or diesel cars, requiring regular servicing and year-round use. 

What air con servicing does EMG offer?

Air conditioning check 

Here at our East Anglia service centres, we’ll happily keep your cooling system in tip top condition by regular air con checks, also known as your air conditioning service. Our qualified technicians will thoroughly check and clean the entire system, advising you of any leaks that could be keeping you from staying cool. 

Air conditioning diagnostics 

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning isn’t as cool as it once was, or that it smells when you use it, it might be time for air conditioning diagnostics. Our team will get to the route of the problem, and find a fix that lasts. 

Air conditioning regas

Of course, we’re also here to handle your air conditioning’s refrigerant gas, ensuring that it’s replaced at regular intervals so that your air con works as you want it to, when you want it to.

How can I keep my air conditioning healthy? 

Use the system all year round 

As we mentioned earlier, using your air conditioning in the autumn and winter as well as spring and summer will keep the system moving, so that it stays healthier for longer. Leave it all winter and you may find it doesn’t cool as it should when the sun finally shines. 

Close your windows 

When you’re using your air con, you don’t want air from outside to come in through the windows and dilute the system’s hard work, so keep your windows closed when the air con is on. 

Get your air con serviced regularly 

Would you leave your car without its service for years? Of course you wouldn’t, so your air con needs to be treated the same, with regular maintenance helping to keep the system healthy and effective. 

Why choose EMG Motor Group for your air con servicing?

As a trusted motor group here in East Anglia, we’re proud to not only supply our customers with quality new and used vehicles from a range of respected manufacturers, but we can also maintain them too. Our workshops are home to state of the art equipment, a fully qualified team, and a whole lot of knowledge, so when it comes to your car’s air conditioning, it’s in the safest of hands. 


Which EMG dealerships offer air con servicing and regassing? 

We’re proud to offer air conditioning maintenance in every EMG dealership across East Anglia. We have service centres in Kings Lynn, Royston, Thetford, Spalding, Huntingdon, Haverhill, Ely, Cambridge, Duxford, Bury St Edmunds and Boston! If you’re in the East Anglia area and your air con needs attention, our experienced technicians can turn their hand to any make or model, and there’s likely to be an EMG branch near you!  

How do I know if my air con needs servicing?

The first indication that you need to organise air conditioning servicing is if it is getting as cold as it should be. You may also become aware of a damp, musty smell when you turn the system on, there may be a rattling noise, or the air itself may be coming out weakly. 

Do you regas my air con as part of my car service? 

No, air conditioning isn’t covered under routine car maintenance - talk to us if you’d like us to service your air con during the same appointment as your car service. 

How do I know which air con gas I need?

Our technicians are capable of working on almost any car, so we’ll be able to advise you on the kind of air con maintenance your system needs, find the right parts (including the refrigerant itself) and get to work to keep things cool. 

How often should you have your car’s air con regassed?

It’s generally recommended by most manufacturers that you should have your air con regassed every two years. 

Do you offer air conditioning repairs? 

We’re not only able to diagnose faults in your car’s air conditioning system, but we’re also able to coordinate repairs on it too. 

How much does air con servicing cost?

The cost of your air conditioning service will depend on the make and model of your car - chat to us for a price.

Air Con Servicing
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