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MG Cyberster

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MG Cyberster

The brand new MG Cyberster will be on sale in 2024 and we are really excited to be a stockist. This stunningly fast all-electric roadster from MG is going to cause a lot of interest. We will be booking test drives and taking pre-orders in the coming months; this car is going to be very popular.

What is the MG Cyberster?

The MG Cyberster is a convertible, all-electric sports car with a classic soft top feel. It will reach 60mph in under 3.0 seconds and the dual motor version will boast around 530bhp. It will be on sale in the UK for around £50,000 and is launching in August 2024.

MG Cyberster test drive

Here at EMG, we will be offering test drives as soon as the cars arrive, so get in touch if you would like more information on this and to be put on our waiting list.

When can I order a Cyberster?

After seeing the Cyberster at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed, the interest has really spiked. Sadly though, you will have to wait a while longer before you can get your hands on one. Pre-orders are likely to be starting in the summer of 2024, with the first cars arriving with the new owners later that year.

Performance and power train

As the electric revolution continues, we are seeing some amazing stats coming from a range of cars. However, the Cyberster really is going to be a high-performance roadster. Exact details are still coming through, but it will do the 0-60mph run in just under 3.0 seconds; this is fast in anyone’s book. This level of performance will be magnified because of the size of the car, and the way it quickly responds to turns; and you enjoy all this with the roof down. While other larger cars can boast similar acceleration, they cannot offer it in such a traditional and classic sports car fashion.

There are going to be two main power train options. The Cyberster is all-electric, so the options will be between a single motor rear wheel drive version and a dual motor all-wheel drive version. The choice will very much depend on what the driver wants. The rear-wheel-drive version will no doubt offer a more traditional sports car driving experience while the flagship all-wheel-drive car will be a true high-performance EV. The exact power stats are yet to be released by MG, but the top spec dual motor version is likely to push out around 530bhp.

MG Cyberster Range

Range is always a big question for all new EVs, and early indications suggest that the MG Cyberster will boast a cool 323 miles. Whilst a sports car range may not be as higher a priority for some drivers as it is with family cars and SUVs, it is still important. 

Design and styling

The MG Cyberster is a sports car in the traditional sense. In terms of design, it clearly pays some homage to the classic MG roadsters but also takes design cues from much more modern sports cars too.

The sweeping front end and aggressive air intakes are certainly not things that will make anyone think of an MG B GT; they are more reminiscent of modern Ferraris and McLarens. The car has a very aggressive stance from the front which is softened slightly in the side profile leading to a short and purposeful rear end that certainly isn’t compromising handling with a large overhang. The stance just oozes performance and certainly backs up the stats. The single rear LED light bar looks fantastic, and the angular taillights really work well.

The Scissor doors may look like something you would expect on the motor show concept, but MG are going to bring them through to the road going model, adding another level of theatre to this contemporary classic in the making.  

When it comes to the appeal of this car, we can attribute part of it to its convertibility - if wind-in-your-hair driving is for you, you’ll be excited to learn that the roof can go back at speeds of up to 32MPH, and takes less than 10 seconds to do. Pretty handy if the British weather does what it does best - change! 

The MG Cyberster looks stunning; there is no doubt this car is going to look great on the road as well as in the showroom.


While the Cyberster looks like a small roadster it is actually less like an MX5 and more like a Jaguar F Type in terms of size. It weighs in at 1920kg; it is by no means a small car but nor is it cumbersome, or too big to handle well. It is going to be a great Grand Tourer offering a real sports car experience with some comfort too.

Interior and Infotainment

The interior of this car is, unsurprisingly, very driver focused, with three curved screens in the cockpit, plus a fourth in the centre console. Fusing this convenience with a sports car feel makes this car pretty irresistible. If the tech wasn’t enough to wow you, how about the sumptuous Nappa leather interior? There’s plenty of storage too, making it practical as well as a pretty face. 

The infotainment system is not yet confirmed but it is safe to assume it will be fully integrated with smart technology and have a number of customisable options for the user to choose from.

Where and how to buy an MG Cyberster

Here at EMG, we are very proud and pleased to be a stockist and will have cars available at our MG showroom in Ipswich. If you would like to discuss the MG Cyberster please do get in touch. We will be releasing more information about road test and pre-order options in the coming months.

MG Cyberster
Interested in this MG Cyberster?
Contact us or ask a question today!
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