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Description of noises
Boom - Low resonant sound, like a drum roll or a distant thunder.
Buzz - Low-pitched sound, something like a bee, usually associated with vibrations.
Chatter - Rapidly repeating metallic sound, like teeth chattering.
Chirp - High pitched melodious sound that repeats rapidly, like a bird.
Chuckle - Rapid noise, like a stick against spokes of a spinning bicycle wheel.
Clung - Heavy sound of metal-to-metal, like a gong.
Click - Light sound, like a ballpoint pen being clicked
Grind - Abrasive sound, like a grinding wheel or sandpaper rubbing against wood.
Groom - Continuous low-pitched sound like a person grooming.
Growl - Low guttural sound, like an angry dog.
Hiss - Continuous sound, like air escapaing from a balloon
Hum - Continuous sound of varying pitches, like a wire humming.
Knock - Heavy, loud, repeating sound like a knock on a door
Ping - Similar to a knock, but of a higher pitch.
Rattle - A sound suggesting looseness such as marbles rolling around in a can.
Roar - Deep, prolonged sound, like a lion’s roar
Rumble - Low, heavy, continuous sound like thunder or wagons
Squeak - High-pitched sound, like rubbing a clean window.
Squeal - High-pitched sound, like a tyre on pavement.
Tap - Light hammering sound, like tapping a pencil on a table.
Whir - High-pitched buzzing sound, like an electric drill or motor.
Whistle - Sharp, shrill sound, like a tin whistle.

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