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A reinvention of the electric car for the everyday. Contemporary design meets effortless style, with freestyle doors and a spacious, premium interior. Experience a truly synergistic drive, coupling Mazda's unique handling with intelligent e-Skyactiv electric drive technology, designed to take you wherever life leads. The new standard for an electric SUV.


The MX-30’s distinctive, stylish and sustainable cabin features high-quality materials and a driver focused interior. The stylish integration of cork gives a modern, yet natural look. It also is a nod to it's heritage as Mazda started out as a cork manufacturer. The cork used in the Mazda MX-30 comes from sustainably forested trees that keep supplying fresh cork for over 200 years.

From the sculpted LED headlights to the elegant lines of the body, the exterior of the Mazda MX-30 is a striking example of minimalistic design with freestyle doors for a beautiful sense of lightness and freedom.


With a range of 124 miles, it's easy to keep the Mazda MX-30 fully charged and ready to meet your daily driving needs. AC options let you plug in at home for convenient overnight charging with a wall box. When you're on the go, the DC input lets you power up even more quickly at public charging stations.

When you are on the go, it will take approximately 36 minutes to charge your Mazda MX-30 when using a DC fast charging station with up to 50kW power. Whilst at home it will take approximately 5 hours using a regular AC charger.

Safety & Technology

For the first time in a Mazda, Smart Brake Support (SBS) now includes a Turn-Across Traffic function to help prevent collisions when turning across traffic at junctions. When turning right at a junction, the forward-sensing camera and millimetre wave radar sensors monitor oncoming traffic. When the system determines there is a chance of a collision occurring, it automatically applies the brakes to help prevent impact or mitigate damage that may occur. Programmed to monitor nearby vehicles, the function only operates at low speeds.

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ELIGIBLE FOR £2,500 PLUG-IN VEHICLE GRANT The Mazda MX-30 qualifies you for a £2,500 Plug-in Vehicle Grant, as well as the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme which provides a grant of £350 towards a home charger.*
MyMazda App Check battery level, charging status, remaining driving range and how long it will take to fully charge your Mazda MX-30 all from the app.
ILLUMINATED SCUFF PLATES Add protection and style to your All-New Mazda MX-30 with the stainless steel scuff plates.