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  • Why Buy a Kia?

Why Buy a Kia?

  • Published: 5 May 2023
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If you’re not already aware, we’re big fans of Kia here at EMG, and we’re proud to represent a manufacturer that really does do it all, from the boundary-pushing electric vehicles of the future, to those solid, economical cars that we rely on daily. But why exactly do we love them so much, and why buy a Kia? 

First, let’s dive into a little bit of Kia’s history. Founded in 1944 in South Korea, Kia, or Kyungsung Precision Industry as it was known then, operated as something a little different from what we know today: it was a steel tubing and bicycle part manufacturer! This morphed into Kia Industries, maker of Honda-licensed small motorcycles in 1957, Mazda-licensed trucks in 1962, and cars in 1974. 

Acquired by Hyundai Motor Company in 1997 after a few ups and downs, the company has gone from strength to strength in the last 25 years, with Hyundai remaining their largest stakeholder. They are, however, unmistakably Kia design and values with which their stunning models are made, and we’re proud to offer Kias here in East Anglia today. 

Why buy a Kia? 

7-year warranty 

Kia sets a new standard for manufacturers when it comes to their warranty, and in doing so, they demonstrate absolute confidence in build quality, and the calibre of their engineering. Owners of new Kias can enjoy a 7-year warranty, and for us here at EMG, we find many of the used models we offer come with some remainder of that for the next owner to benefit from. 

Innovative technology 

You only have to look at the Kia EV6 to understand where Kia aims to be. A big presence on UK roads already, this electric model offers motorists turn-by-turn navigation, augmented reality heads-up display (it displays things on the windscreen), and a whole host of safety features, such as forward-collision avoidance. 

This is just a taste of the innovation that Kia has up their sleeve; you’ll find many brand new models with wow-factor features. 

Value for money

Thanks to the quality of materials and standards of design, Kias are built to last, so if you fancy a car for the long haul, Kia is a brand to explore. Not only does the purchase price offer value for money, but Kias are designed to be efficient, offering budget-friendly motoring whichever model you opt for. 

Solid safety ratings

Kia is on top of all the latest safety features, building functions such as blind spot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance, and autonomous emergency braking into their brand new models. It’s why so many of their models are 5-star Euro NCAP rated! 

Why Kia should I buy? 

The beauty of this manufacturer is that there really is something for everyone. If you’re after something small and nippy, we’d recommend the Picanto. For a mid-size car perfect for families, why not explore the Ceed? If it’s an SUV you’re looking for, it’s time to meet the Sportage

We’ve talked at length about what Kia is right for you in this article, so head there if you’re looking for a breakdown of everything this brand has to offer. 

Where can I buy new and used Kias in East Anglia? 

Well, EMG of course! Across East Anglia, we’re the retailer to buy your Kia from for choice, ease, and peace of mind. Our dedicated advisors are on hand to steer you towards the perfect car for you from our new Kia range, or from our selection of approved used Kias (we have over 175!) 

Don’t forget to explore finance options too - this can easily spread to cost to make your next Kia affordable.