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  • What Is A Crossover Car?

What Is A Crossover Car?

If you’re looking for a slightly larger daily driver, you’ll probably have come across the term crossover when discovering a vehicle that seems, on the face of it, to resemble an SUV more than a hatchback. 

With such a wide variety of makes and models on the market these days, this abundance of choice will see you met with some potentially unfamiliar terminology, and this is likely to include the word ‘crossover’. Crossovers have fast become a family car staple, but just what are they, and why are they so popular? 

What defines a crossover car? 

A crossover has the bigger, rugged frame that SUVs are so loved for, without the heavy build. This is because crossover cars are built on the chassis of smaller hatchbacks, making for an easy transition if you’re dipping your toe into larger car ownership. SUVs, on the other hand, tend to be built on truck chassis. 

Whilst SUVs are comfortable taking on tougher conditions, crossovers are more at home on tarmac roads, which means it’s well within the best-of-both-worlds territory. You’ve got all the space and styling of an SUV, with the handling of your traditional hatchback. 

What are the benefits of a crossover car? 

You may be starting to understand the type of gap in the market that crossovers filled by bursting onto the scene; here are a few ways in which they make owning one a dream… 

Cheaper than an SUV 

At a time when we’re all looking to make savings, the crossover can be a great compromise price-wise. Crossovers tend to be cheaper than SUVs, with entry level models typically starting between £13,000 and £16,000. 

Higher specification models will of course cost more than that, but it goes to show that you can live the SUV lifestyle without the hefty price tag. 

High driving position

With the higher driving position that the crossover has pinched from its SUV cousins comes greater visibility. A higher body overall makes it more capable of covering uneven ground without discomfort to those travelling within it. 

A taller boot 

An increased boot capacity can see you stacking luggage with no problems, heading on family breaks, accommodating the dog, and squeezing in your golf clubs (though not at the same time, we’d imagine) all the easier. 

A high roof

Got a growing family? Extra headroom is always handy, and crossover cars have one up on the hatchback in that respect! 

Enviable fuel economy 

Something you may have noticed about SUVs is that their engine capacity tends to be bigger than in hatchbacks, and while crossovers might share their styling with larger vehicles, they can usually be found with smaller engines. You’ll see the fuel pumps less than you would in an SUV. Some crossovers are able to achieve figures up to 78.5mpg.

What are some examples of a crossover car? 

The popularity of the crossover spans the length and breadth of the motor market, so you can expect to see most major manufacturers showing off the versatility of their crossovers. Here are just a few examples of crossovers you’re likely to see a lot of on UK roads: 

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