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  • Top City Cars at EMG

Top City Cars at EMG

  • Published: 20 October 2022

City cars are the urban workhorses we’ve come to rely on; from busy roads and traffic jams to car parks and narrow streets, there’s a lot going on that you and your car need to contend with. 

The city car is a class that many manufacturers have gone to great lengths to develop, offering a range of cars to the market that commuters and errand-runners alike thank their lucky stars for. 

What do you need to look for in a city car? 

Ease of handling 

With tight turns and small parking places, you’ll want your city car to respond to the lightest of steering and have great manoeuvrability. When you’re pressed for time and your options are limited, a shorter car will save the day; that’s where city cars can really perform. 

Good fuel economy 

Stop-start traffic is a given when it comes to getting across town, and it’s not the kindest to your fuel consumption. With the cost of living a sore subject, look for a car with good fuel economy as one of its selling points. 

Fun to drive 

It’s not all work and no play; the benefit of a compact city car is they tend to be fun to drive. All that nippy handling and light bodywork can make for a fantastic driving experience, brightening up your commute and making these vehicles capable of those longer journeys too. 

Top new city cars at EMG

We’re proud to represent Kia, Mazda, Nissan and MG at our East Anglia dealerships. Here are their city car offerings…

Kia Picanto 

This little set of wheels has a big personality, and it’s the very definition of a compact city car. Despite dinky dimensions, the Picanto is actually a 5-door vehicle, opening it up for more than just the shorter, single-occupant journeys. It could even be an ideal car for a small family! 

The 1.0 litre engine ensures that sought-after fuel economy, with a 99bhp petrol version as well as the standard 66bhp petrol, so you can choose the level of performance your Picanto can achieve. 

Look forward to hill-start assist, automatic headlights and all electric windows when you purchase this small car; the Picanto is here to help. Discover more here, and book a test drive today!


Agility was at the top of Mazda’s list when the manufacturer designed the Mazda2, a dynamic car that was just made for life around town. A compact design hasn’t negatively affected its looks though, with clean lines that will see it appear sleek and stylish against any city backdrop. 

Keeping you connected on your daily drive is what the Mazda2 does with ease, thanks to in-built Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Not only this, but a seven-inch touchscreen satellite navigation system can help you traverse any diversion, and Bluetooth music streaming keeps your favourite tunes on while you do so. 

Ready to find out more about the Mazda2? Do just that here

Nissan Micra 

It’s undergone a dramatic facelift in recent years, and it’s all the better for it; the Micra is not only a stylish car now, but it’s also competent in tackling the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s practical and deceptively spacious too, with a 300-litre boot that means it’s more moldable to your lifestyle than you might think. 

The Micra is home to a 1-litre petrol engine, producing mpg of up to 53.3, with CO2 emissions from 120g/km, so it works to keep your costs and your carbon footprint as low as possible. 

Do you fancy meeting the Micra? Do just that here


The MG3 is a fantastic value hatchback, with plenty of features inside for you to fall in love with - if the whopping 7-year warranty wasn’t enough! This is another one of those spacious city cars, with the versatility to take you anywhere. Where it comes alive, though, is on those urban journeys, manoeuvring with ease in smaller spaces. 

The MG3 range is available with so much useful tech inside, including Bluetooth telephone and audio streaming as standard, as well as an 8" touchscreen and Apple CarPlay on Excite and Exclusive models.

Say hello to the MG3 here

Top Used City Cars 

Whilst our new city car options are certainly dazzling, there are some gems to be found amongst our extensive stock of used cars in East Anglia too… 

Hyundai i10 

As small and cheap to run, the Hyundai i10 starts ticking boxes as soon as you set eyes on it in your search for the perfect city car. With the option of either a 1-litre or 1.2-litre engine, they were built to not only make your life easier in the city, but also give you the option to take them further afield. 

Take a look at the used Hyundai i10’s in stock at our EMG branches here

Fiat 500 

The remake of this Fiat Classic has become an entity all on its own in recent years, with these charming vehicles making themselves at home in cities around the UK. Their retro style and compact body style make them a very popular choice indeed, with many colour, trim and engine options to suit your city car requirements. 

Check out the used Fiat 500s at EMG here

Citroen C1

If you’re being frugal but still want a stylish runaround, the C1 is a car to consider. With both a three-door and a five-door version available, plus different trim levels, it’s got the versatility to fit like a glove into your everyday life. 

It’s cheap to run and easy on the eye; check out the Citroen C1 at EMG on our used car forecourt. 

Peugeot 108 

When you’re out and about, you want to be able to park easily and stay connected; the 108 helps you do just that. Its short body type makes it an obvious choice for around-town driving, and you can connect your smartphone to it in no time at all. It’s a car best suited for solo commuters, and the cheap running costs make it all the more attractive. 

Check out the used Peugeot 108 we have available here

Find your next city car at EMG 

Regardless of whether you go for one of our brand new models, or you’re on the lookout for a used city car to zip all over town in, we can help you find the compact car of your dreams here at EMG. Not only that, but we offer competitive finance deals, The Motability Scheme for those eligible, and an exceptionally high standard of car preparation and customer service. 

Find your nearest EMG branch today, and get in touch to discuss what you need from your next city car.