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  • The Best Questions To Ask When Buying A Car

The Best Questions To Ask When Buying A Car

Here at EMG, we know that upgrading your car can generate a lot of questions for you to ask - regardless of whether it’s a new or a used model that you’re interested in. You’ll understandably be keen to find out how the models you’ve shortlisted would slot into your lifestyle, look after your family, and fit your finances; there’s a lot to discover

These are all areas that we’re always more than happy to assist you in while you’re searching for the perfect set of wheels - it’s what we’re here for! Therefore, we’ve got a good idea of the best questions to ask when buying a car, so below we’ll explore the ways in which you can find out the most about your potential new model… 

What driver convenience does the car include? 

These days, our cars are an extension of our lives - and those lives are lived with convenience at the touch of a button! Modern cars keep up with the pace of our every day through technologies such as smartphone integration, voice commands, adaptive cruise control, and onboard entertainment for backseat passengers. 

If there’s certain tech that you’re used to, or would dramatically improve your commute, it’s worth asking what’s included in the car’s infotainment pack - it may just seal the deal! 

What are the car’s running costs? Is it economical? 

A car’s impact on our pocket has long been a concern of the everyday motorist, but never more so than in recent times when other household bills have rocketed. Find out information such as the cost to tax, insure and fill with fuel to give you an idea of what the car is going to cost monthly and annually, to determine whether it’s affordable on an ongoing basis. Don’t forget to factor monthly finance payments in if they apply - more on that later. 

How safe is the car? 

Safety is every motorist’s concern, particularly for those looking for a new family car. Each car released onto the market is tested by Euro NCAP, an independent body that puts them through their paces in the safety stakes. Using real life crash tests to assess the impact on adult and child passengers as well as other road users in different scenarios, each car is given a star rating out of 5 - and it’s cars that have rated 4s and 5s you want to be asking about.

It’s also advisable to ask about the safety features installed in the car; with tech such as blind spot monitoring, autonomous emergency braking and cross-traffic alerts included in many models, it’s important to find out if any of these things could be reassuring you and keeping you safer on the road. 

What finance is available on this car? 

Funding the purchase of a car is naturally a bit of a stretch in one go for most people, which is why paying monthly is so popular. After an initial deposit, the cost of the car can be spread over monthly instalments, making it far more affordable. Your options at the end of the term depend on the type of finance you go for, so ask about finance and explain your circumstances for the best idea of what finance deals are available to you. 

To find out more about new and used car finance and how we approach it here at EMG, click here

Can I test drive the car? 

There truly is no better way to fall in love with your next car, and we strongly recommend trying before you buy. A test drive will get you to grips with the way the car handles (and whether or not it performs in the way you want it to on your daily drive), how comfortable it is, and how all the exciting technology works! Ask your salesperson if you can test drive the car to get a real idea of whether it’s for you or not. 

What warranty comes with the car? 

You can’t beat a manufacturer's warranty, and the ones that our new models come with are seriously impressive - take Kia’s 7-year warranty for example! A manufacturer’s warranty offers peace of mind in the event that something goes wrong with the car that’s unrelated to wear and tear. 

Even if you’re going for a used car, it may still have some time left on the manufacturer’s warranty, so ask your EMG salesperson if this applies to the used vehicle you’re interested in.

Find your next car at EMG 

The beauty of our motor group is that we specialise in the sale of new cars of the much-loved manufacturers Nissan, Kia, MG and Mazda, as well as offering a wide range of quality used models that span a selection of marques. 

Whether you regularly upgrade your car, you’ve been thinking of trading in your old faithful for a while, or you’re in the market for your first ever vehicle, we can help here at EMG. 

With new and used car dealerships across East Anglia, we’re best placed to match you with the car of your dreams - find out how close we are to you and get in touch with us today. Alternatively, browse our used cars online, and explore our range of new vehicles.